Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introduction: About me

Hello everyone! I am Maritza, the youngest of three siblings. My sister Alicia is eleven years older than me, and my brother Ulises is nine years older, so basically for most of my life I grew up as an only child, i recently turned 18, which was something I was quite excited for. Over the summer I worked at Disability Determination Services (DDS) in downtown Providence, and met awesome people. Although they were older and most of them were parents, they made sure I had fun during my summer break and certainly made me feel at home. In my last day of work they took me out to eat, and I miss them. That job certainly made me more responsible and appreciative of the people I meet. When I am not in school, and especially when I have free time I love to just relax and watch movies or spend time with my friends and family. Yet, one of the activities that  I used to do, and that I loved was volunteering at INSIGHT, a place that showed visually impaired children in RI independent living skills, and how to advocate for themselves. Volunteering there definitely inspired me in wanting to become a special education teacher one day. The awesome and inspiring children that I met there made me want to make a difference in the life of children with disabilities in the future. I am taking this class because it's required for my major, but I also think it will definitely be a fun class and I look forward to see what this semester brings.